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Say goodbye to regular chat APIs & instant messaging SDKs. Let’s experience MirrorFly as an outstanding real time messaging solution. The powerful communication solution built by a team of dedicated In-house developers with highly flexible hosting possibilities, that adds an extra mileage to build your chat app.

  • High-Performance Backend Infrastructure
  • Low Latency
  • Best Cloud Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Development Team In-house Development Team
  • Pre-built UI Kit
  • Development Team DevOps Grounded Development
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benefits of chat api solution
  • Pre-built
  • Global
  • In-house
    Development Team
  • Unlimited
  • Low
  • Best Cloud
  • High-Performance
    Backend Infrastructure
  • DevOps Grounded

Pre-equipped Infrastructure of Chat SDKs & APIs

Driving From Roadmap, Deployment, And Battle-Test To Build Future-Centric Chat Application

Features That Propels the Performance of Your Instant Messaging API

Delivering Access To The Real Time Communication Features That Are Reconcilable Across Android, IOS & Web

Make Communications Easier
in Real-time

Empower in-app messaging across applications to drive better engagement & chat experience

group chat api for website
Peer-to-Peer Communications

Create conversation that ranges from private 1:1 to group chat in the real time chat for web and mobile app around any time to bring user interactions at the core.

group messaging api
Reach Groups of People at Once

Create up to an infinite number of groups on Android, iOS & Web to make discussion, announcement and conversations to enlighten the group members via online chat platforms.

real time messaging ios
Respond to Each Message Just In a Tap

Provide handy response text such as messages with predefined buttons based on customer queries. Create, modify and customize the text box with including a button to order, inquiry and call to connect with the support team.

best web chat app
Smart Replies from Any Devices

Respond to teammates quickly with various numbers of suggested text or a customized message. Allow customers to send smart replies through suggestions based on buyer moves and increase customer time efficiency.

real time messaging app
Real-time Language Translation

Bringing the native language chat experience through real-time multilingual setup which translates messages up to 100+ languages that are sent and received within the chat screen.

best chat sdk&api software
Proactive Chat

Triggering the responsiveness between two end users in order to initiate the conversation and respond to the messages in real time chat solution through ideal features such as last seen, read receipts and typing Indicators.

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Collaboration from Anywhere & Any Device

Our feature-rich Chat APIs Makes Your community More engaging with virtual collaborations

instant messaging api & sdk
Secure File Transfer

Share any number of file formats & sizes such as audio, video, images, and prospects on a real time basis to maximize the productivity and user engagement.

messaging platform api
Screen Sharing In a Click

Share and manage any screen remotely on other devices effortlessly. Display your entire chat screen, channel and group discussions to a bulk of audience to increase collaboration and organizations’ productivity.

chat api for android app
Digital Whiteboards

Display your ideas visually with other users across devices in real time messaging solutions with CONTUS MirrorFly chat sdk. Allow users to edit, share and engage with real time collaborative mediums to improve productivity and engagement among several teams.

messaging platform api
Unlimited Message Broadcasting

Deliver impactful real-time information, alerts & updates to a vast group of users across the chat rooms, groups within a click through one-to-many broadcast option.

top chat sdk for sip calling
SIP & VoIP Calling

An impeccable replacement to physical telephone systems where businesses and individuals can make unlimited voice calling to carrier networks (Telephone device) through internet protocol to enhance mobility and cut calling costs.

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best chat api

Data Channels & Messages Essentials

Build Engaging Group and Channel Experience To Reach Massive User Base Across Devices

best chat api
group messaging api
Public Channel

Connect N number of users or audience by creating several number of open channels within the chat app with hassle-free sharing of videos, images, docs, etc.

best mobile chat apis
Private Channel

Create numerous numbers of classified channels to relay confidential messages to any specific users with invite link and admin-based features to manage the entire channels.

web chat api
Comment & Replies

Allow users to react on any specific post or event to drive engagement with comments, likes and sharing options.

chat sdk ios
Access Control

Enable only specific user to join the channel or group with admin accessibility features. Admin can authorize moderators, editors and room owners according to preferences.

best mobile chat sdk for schedule post
Schedule Post

Post any number of events, activities with scheduling feature based on user’ availability, and time to deliver information to a huge audience. Channel admin or preferences can schedule posts.

messaging sdk for android
Flag Content

With advanced admin dashboard, analyze entire activity of the channel, flag abusive content, report content to ensure the integrity of the channel.

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self hosted chat
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Progressive Real-time Chat Analytics for Super Admin

Track, Analyze, and monitor the real-time chat report & connect your business and customers on a deeper level.

Your Security is Our Top Most Priority

Build a chat app that fulfill your business needs using the most authentic security protocols and experience next level of secure conversation.

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secure chat app AES Encryption

Building a web chat application also calls for security and safety of data, and our Advanced Encryption Standard security protocol makes it nearly impossible to hack your data.

secure chat sdk End-to-End Endcryption

Our end-to-end encryption approach makes user communication extremely secure in a way that only the players/ users engaged in the conversation can read the messages.

chat application with security Application Security

Ensure secure access to the application via HTTPS servers and industry standard encryptions. All measures are taken to fix and prevent security vulnerabilities like XSS or SQL injection.

best secure chat sdk Protocol

The personal information of your users is kept extremely safe with the presence of the non-federated signal protocol. Security keys are refreshed at intervals to avoid single-point failure.

secure chat app for web Attack Prevention

Security assessments are performed at every stage of the application development and firewalls are kept in place to fix and block brute force third-party attacks.

secure chat app for ios Protection

Improve your user’s trust with our chat APIs and SDKs that are built with plug-ins that block several spams like forum, board and blog from attacking the application.

Drive High Grade Chat Possibilities Across Sectors

Powerful Messaging APIs & SDKs That Empowers A Wide Range Of Conversational Possibilities

Healthcare Arrow Arrow

chat sdk android chat sdk android
Digital Healthcare App to Reach Patient Anytime, Anywhere

Build a smarter and cost-effective healthcare app using our messaging APIs. Give your patient personalized care by connecting with the doctor in real-time across any platform, anywhere instantly and share the medical records, diagnostic images during the treatment on the most secure and reliable platform.

  • Secure Tele-consultation in Real Time
  • Reduces Waiting Time
  • Track and Maintain Patient Records
  • Personalize Digital Care
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E-Commerce Arrow Arrow

Chat solution for web & Mobile App
Connect and Build Real-time Interaction for Higher Transactions

Our in-app chat APIs facilitate online e-commerce shopping by connecting the buyers and sellers in real-time making the interaction more engaging and transparent. The robust real-time chat APIs allows the buyer to inquire about the product and make a safe and secure on-line payment transaction in no time. Sellers can reach out to the buyer with automated notifications about offers and updates around the clock.

  • Connect Seller & Buyer Instantly
  • Share Messages and Documents
  • Live Video Shopping
  • Alerts and Reminders
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Broadcasting & Streaming Arrow Arrow

real time messaging api streaming app
Quickly Increase Live Audience Interaction & Engagement with Live Streaming App Using Our Video Chat SDK

Drive fun and engaging conversations in a real time chat platform within the live streaming applications to allow users to interact and gather insightful information on how they respond to your video content. With simple integration of chat mediums, take your engagement rate of live broadcast to next-level & maintain integrity of each channel with profanity filters and moderation tools.

  • Audience Interaction
  • RSS Feeds
  • Live Updates
  • Publish/Subscribe
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Customer Support Arrow Arrow

instant messaging sdk
Quickly Resolve Your Customer Queries with Our Whitelabel Chat Solution Increasing 2x Customer Satisfaction

Generate every potential conversation into a business by providing a complete 24x7 desk support to magnify customer retention and offer a solution to their queries in a real time chat experience. Connect your customers and customer-service team in one hub to enable virtual interactions just dealing like physical collaboration to make better purchase decisions.

  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Multi-lingual
  • On-going Tech Support
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Team Chat Arrow Arrow

chat api
Experience a Secure Global User Connection via Team Chat Messaging API

Building a top-notch networking application with our messaging API encompasses more than 1 million users is made possible. Transmit information in real-time to maximize productivity and diminish time consumed. Grow revenue, work efficiency and workplace productivity with in-app chat consist of multiple communication mediums. Break down your large organization into limited teams for personalized collaborative experience.

  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Two-way Audio & Video
  • Chat Presence
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Social Chat Arrow Arrow

chat sdk for ios and android
Empower Your Online Social Chat Community Platform with Real-time Chat API

Embed Mirrorfly’s chat API into your social application to engage between users and brands in order to stay informed through text, audio & video chat. Reduce the churn of your social communities and amplify users’ participation. Keep the community clean and safe with moderation tools. Keep your online communities engaged with live polls, Q&A sessions, etc.

  • Tagging
  • Emoticons & Bots
  • Real-time Feeds
  • Whiteboard
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Personal Chat Arrow Arrow

secure messaging sdk
Collaborate with People Through Secure Personal Real Time Chat in a Safer Digital Environment

Optimize the conversation taking place between the users under a secure & private chat room through a wide range of chat mediums such as text, voice and video chats. Take control of your message privacy when dealing with clients, boss & higher professionals. End-to-end encrypted in-app chat for any sort of classified collaborative private one-to-one or group of limited users.

  • Direct Messaging
  • Hidden Chats
  • Two-way Deletion
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