Let's integrate our UIKIT in few minutes

Quick Start#

SDK UIKit for React#

Mirrorfly UIKit Sdk is a set of prebuilt UI components that allows you to easily integrate an in-app chat with all the essential messaging features.


The requirements for chat SDK for React Web App are:

  • React Version 16.0 or above
  • Node Version v14.17.4 or above

Things to be Noted Before Making a Start#

SDK License Key#

Before integrating CONTUS MirrorFly Chat SDK, you need to have a SDK license key for your MirrorFly application. This SDK needs to be authenticated by the MirrorFly server using the license key for further processing.

Follow the below steps to get your license key:

Step 1: Let’s Create an Account - Sign up into MirrorFly Console page (https://console.mirrorfly.com/register) for free MirrorFly account

Step 2: Create an account with your basic details including your name, organization details, work email, and contact number

Step 3: Once you’re in! You get access to your MirrorFly account ‘Overview page’ where you can find a license key, link to download UIKIT, and Api base Url.


Integrate the Chat SDK for React#

Install mirrorfly-uikit (https://www.npmjs.com/package/mirrorfly-uikit) npm package by terminal command 'npm i mirrorfly-uikit'. Now the node_modules will have a mirrorfly-uikit folder and package.json is added with the mirrorfly-uikit dependency.

Step 1: Create a new React project or Open an existing project.

Step 2: Open terminal and install mirrorfly-uikit with npm command 'npm i mirrorfly-uikit' and check package.json whether the dependency is added with mirrorfly-uikit as mentioned below.

"dependencies": {
"mirrorfly-uikit": "^3.7.4",
"react": "^16.0.0",
"react-dom": "^16.0.0",

Step 3: Import ChatApp component from the mirrorfly-uikit package in node modules.

Step 4: Import bundle.css from the mirrorfly-uikit package in node modules .

The apiUrl and licenseKey details can get it from the 'Overview' section in the mirrorfly Console dashboard.


import { ChatApp } from "mirrorfly-uikit/dist"
import "mirrorfly-uikit/dist/assets/scss/bundle.css"
function App() {
return (
apiUrl ="*******************"
isSandBox={true} // if you are a sandbox user it is true
export default App;
licenseKeyStringset your licence key
userIdentifierStringset your phoneNumber
apiUrlStringset your base url

Custom Chat Conversation#

If you need chat conversation page alone initialize customconversation in ChatApp component.

const customConversation = {
conversationValue : true,
apiUrl ="*******************"
isSandBox={true} // if you are a sandbox user it is true


Web SDK Methods#

We can also import Web SDK methods from "mirrorfly-uikit/dist" below code snippet is example to import SDK methods.

import { SDK } from "mirrorfly-uikit/dist"
const initializeSDK = async() => {
const initializeObj = {
apiBaseUrl: "********************",
callbackListeners: {},
licenseKey: "********************",
isSandbox: false //if you are a sandbox user it is true
const check = await SDK.initializeSDK(initializeObj);
console.log("check", check);

Note :By using Web SDK methods you can use prime functionality of mirrorfly outside of Uikit.

Other Framework Integration#

Note :You can also integrate the chat SDK for Angular and VueJs Framework.

Initializing the chat Conversation#

Note : Recent Search chat feature is not available for your easy plan then it will not display in Recent Chat Screen in Mirrorfly-Uikit.

You can now run the application with single React Component. To send a message, you must first start a conversation by clicking on the add new chat icon Then, you can select the user you wish to chat from your contact list.

Sending Single Chat Message#

Once navigated to user chat screen, type your first message and click send button .

Sending Group Chat Message#

Your can also connect to more than one member in group chat conversation