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Highlights of MirrorFly’s Video Call API

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From determining the ideal building blocks, experts’ in-depth involvement in choosing the right technology stack and creating roadmap from pre-deployment, MirrorFly understands your every business communication demands. Our feature-rich video calling APIs and SDKs bring you the flexibility to build highly scalable and unsurpassing video chat app Try it free

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Meet Our Feature-enriched Video Calling API and SDK

Drive the Highest Degree of Peer-to-peer Video Chat Connection on Any Platform

Real-time Interactive Features for Seamless Collaboration

Leverage virtual collaboration for best video calling experience with our feature-wrapped Live video calling SDKs

Strengthen Peer-to-peer Virtual Connection

With MirrorFly’s video calling solution, connect unlimited participants or individual users during virtual interaction for a lively conversation on the go. Our video SDKs for mobile and web platforms serve beyond the possibilities to provide secure and peer-to-peer online video calls on Android, iOS & Websites.

Explore Picture-in-picture Across Devices

Allow users to watch videos or third-party links sent by others within the chat screen with a floating window mode. Keep an eye on the high-quality video calling and engage multiple activities on other apps.

Custom Capture & Render for Split Screens

Customize the video call screen in a video call API based on the users’ preferences while making video calls with multiple participants. Split screen differentiators play a major role in changing chat screen during discussions, interviews, etc.

Secure & Reliable Live Calls Recording

Capture live video chat sessions for archiving and playbacks. Whatever the recording sessions, MirrorFly’s video calling SDK & API integration allows recording of video calls under an encrypted platform to meet all your recording needs.

Unlimited & Secure File Sharing

Experience easy sharing of files to N number of users within a group or individual through drag-and-drop option. Share any number of file formats that includes documents, multimedia (audio/video), images and graphic files.

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Streamline Live Video Conference Management On-the-go

Manage, track & elevate your virtual meetings, conferences, webinars & discussions in one centralized Hub

Seamless Video Conference Solution

Analyze, manage, and configure the entire conferences in real-time with video calls. With insightful dashboard and analysis reports, simplify thousands of meetings, discussions & webinars taking in one place

Live/On-demand Streaming Across Channels

Stream on-demand content such as webinars, project meetings for enlightening users across the channels and groups within your live video calling app. With in-built adaptive bitrate streaming protocol, stream buffer-free high-quality pre-recorded content to end-users.

Multiple Conference Scheduling & Calendar

Schedule multiple conference rooms based on the availability of the participants. Automate reminders for video meetings using Google calendar to invite participants via a link over any platform and devices.

Real-time Active Directory Sync

Host conference calls across the devices, platforms and channels by adding huge participant directly to the app through directory synchronization. LDAP is being used to perform the search of contacts over thousands of contacts in Multinational organizations.

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best live video calling app
best live video calling app

Video Chat APIs that Accelerates Real-time Connections

Collaborative features of live video calling APIs that create an interactive user experience with live virtual event engagement.

Presenter Control
Presenter Control
Obtain full control for sharing and annotating presentation, documents in a meeting.
Omnichannel Support
Omnichannel Support
Users can communicate and hold their data across multiple channels.
Active Speaker Mode
Active Speaker Mode
Enables prominence to top multiple speakers in a large-scale video call.
Moderated Entry
Moderated Entry
Get complete access to the host as of when a participant will join the meeting.
Private Chat
Private Chat
Chat with any specific users in real time in your encrypted app for video calls.
Lobby and Waiting Room
Lobby and Waiting Room
Participant can wait in the lobby until they join the meeting.
Real-time classroom teaching experience with a virtual whiteboard.
 Breakout Room
Breakout Room
Create and manage a room for small group conversations.
Host Control
Host Control
Get a full control over the meeting or event from grant floor access.
 Bandwidth Management
Bandwidth Management
Manages the bandwidth at every individual endpoint.
Room lock
Room lock
Prevent participants from join the meeting without permission.
Low Latency
Low Latency
Optimizes and present the video calling data with minimal delay.
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Get 150+ in-app communication features, 99.999% uptime SLA and <100 ms avg. response time for a one-time license cost.

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Deliver Meaningful Video Experiences with Developer-friendly SDK

Develop rich video interactions with video-enabled communication APIs and achieve rich user engagement across every channel.

Prebuilt SDK for Every Live Video Calling App

Integrate the best video SDKs and components into any existing or prebuilt device for a professional experience with no complexities.

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Get yourself Registered to the Dashboard

Video SDK enables you to get registered with Google or Github and create your business account and let others to uniquely identify your account.

  • Enter your details
  • Click on Sign-up
  • Get notified with a mail
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Enterprise Security & Privacy Protocols

  • End-to-end encryption to secure connectivity

  • AES 245-bit with SSL to a establish secure connection

  • Compatible with COPAA, HIPAA & GDPR Policies

  • Self-hosting, complete data ownership

  • Customized 512-bit for secure encryption & decryption

  • Signal Protocol, OMEMO Encryption, & KDF Chain

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Top-tier Live Video Calling Solution for All Your Vertical Demands

Trigger the Value of Real-time Video Communication Across the Sectors to Drive Engagement and Immense Productivity

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Transform Enterprises Productivity with Whitelabel Communication API

Enhance employee productivity and time efficiency through the integration of webRTC-enabled video call API & SDK into your existing platforms. With our enterprise video chat app solution, transfigure the internal & external collaboration in real time conversation on the go regardless of mobile and desktop applications.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Host Unlimited Meetings
  • Live Streaming
  • Secure Document Sharing
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Education Arrow Arrow
online video call chat

Take Your Education to the Next Level with Live Video Call

Empower real time learning experience by creating effective video collaboration between students, and educational experts. With MirrorFly’s Video chat SDK, foster your classroom, tutoring, virtual classrooms, online education, and entire learning management system.

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Video Call Recording
  • Online Coaching / Tutoring
  • Live Online Seminars & Events
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Healthcare Arrow Arrow
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Connect Doctor-patient Interaction Instantly Through Video Chat SDK

Deliver immense care to your patients through a real time live video call app. With MirrorFly's Video chat API & SDK, build a collaborative healthcare chat app-enabled with live video calling feature that allows healthcare professionals to share medical reports, make virtual calls & allow real time chat under a secure application.

  • Real Time Medical Consultants
  • Health Report Sharing
  • Connected Devices
  • Post-care Notifications & Reminders
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Gaming Arrow Arrow
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Grab Player’s Attention by Extending the Game's Life Self-hosted with Live Video Calling Software

Reshaping the gaming community’s conversation to a new level of real time live video chat experience with our video chat software to boost engagement and social activity. Create live group video chat sessions & virtual games sharing to provide true online gaming experience.

  • Emoji’s & Stickers
  • Live Broadcasting & Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Multi-channels
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Social Arrow Arrow
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Enhance the Video Chat Experience of Your Social & Dating Website with Our Live Video Call API

Bring immense video interaction between users, and brands to empower your social app’s engagement & communication through seamless integration of webRTC based video chat API. Additionally, increase audience participation, bolster fun and retain existing users.

  • Emoji’s & Stickers
  • Broadcast Entertainment
  • Community
  • Multi-channels
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Financial Services Arrow Arrow
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Get Connected with Your Customers, Agents & Support Team via Real Time Video Chat Software

Accelerate the banking experience through creating a secure & personalized video communication service between customers and financial agents. Integrate live video calling into your existing mobile applications and websites to increase business opportunities.

  • Document Sharing
  • Payments & Transactions
  • Wallet
  • 1-on-1 or Multiple Customer Connections
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Media & Entertainment Arrow Arrow
live video call online

Enhance User Engagement By Converting Your Viewers Into Active Participants with Live Video Call

Multiply the user engagement and collaboration of your live streaming website and social apps more aggressively with a real time live video call experience. With MirrorFly's live video call solution bolsters the brand value and enhances the collaboration between creators and viewers to the next-level.

  • Streaming Entertainment
  • Live Broadcasting & Events
  • Fan Engagement
  • Real time Collaboration
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